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Open a door of Opportunities

In partnership with Bottega, we have helped facilitate over 200 teachers in their computer science journey. As we move forward, Code to Success will take a greater role in the delivery and education by providing a certified teacher of record and extend available vouchers to our teachers and school districts. Teachers are expected to provide their cactus number for registration as well as pass the certified tests through the American Council on Education (ACE) to receive their transcripts and CS endorsements.

Code to Success offers our teachers Coding Foundations course for only $99!

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Teachers will get access to over 60 hours of coding curriculum with access to exercises, quizzes, projects, built-in instructional videos, and online mentor support.

Curriculum Overview:
CS 101 Coding Foundations
CS 301 Front End Foundations - JavaScript
CS 277 Intro to Programming in Python
CS 384 Python Software Development
CS 382 Database Foundations
CS 497 Advance Web Development - React