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Jr High & High School Students

Code to Success On-Campus Summer Program

Code to Success offers an on-campus option available during the summer months (June-July) for junior high and high school students. Available campuses are listed during registration on the registration form.

Beginner students can start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create their own websites and apps with a professional-grade curriculum provided by our partners.

Advanced options are available for returning students and those interested in continuing their education.

Students attend a campus from 8am-12pm, and campuses have a facilitator and mentors to provide additional curriculum support.

No previous coding experience is required to participate!

Code to Success Online Program

The Code to Success online program is available for junior high and high school students year-round.

Students can complete the online program from anywhere, and there are Chromebook-friendly options. The curriculum has built-in instructional videos that students can watch, and then apply their knowledge to coding exercises, quizzes, and projects.

Students will have access to online mentor support during specific time frames, in addition to the built-in tutorial videos.

No previous coding experience is required!

Code to Success Chromebook Program

Thanks to our partner, Skillstruck, we have a web development curriculum available for students who only have access to a Chromebook. Skillstruck dives into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and their platform is web-based meaning their is no computer set-up. If students only have access to a Chromebook to participate in Code to Success, please sign up for Skillstruck on the registration form.


The purpose of Ken Garff Esports is to enhance and enrich scholastic experiences through and beyond gaming. Students who participate in our clubs will have multiple opportunities to compete in esports while learning about technical careers. Esports is more than playing video games; students who participate in esports through a school club can learn important life and workplace skills as they compete on a team. Skills similar to those that are learned on an athletic team like collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication. Esports is also a gateway to other learning opportunities within the esports industry such as programming, game design, and IT/networking just to name a few. Esports will give students a fun and safe environment to compete in an area of interest that they already love, while developing an interest in a rewarding and successful career path.



Code to Success is a free program for students in junior high and high school looking to explore computer science and information technology. Today's digital economy requires technical understanding and knowledge for every industry with skills that include coding, web development, and cybersecurity principles. Code to Success has partnered with notable curriculum providers to introduce industry skills both in the classroom and online.

Curriculum options available for beginning students with no experience, as well as returning students and students with prior coding experience who want to take their learning to the next level!


Code to Success has partnered with the Boys & Girls Group of Southeastern Michigan to offer an on-campus program.

On-Campus option is a six-week program available during the summer (June 14th - July 23rd) for junior high and high school students in Detroit.

Students attend a campus from 8am-12pm, and campuses have a facilitator and mentors to provide additional curriculum support.

Code to Success: Charlotte

Thanks to Ally Bank, Code to Success has a cohort within Charlotte, NC!

This program is open to current 7th-12th grade students within the Charlotte area.

The dates are TBD but the program will be six weeks during the summer.

Students can choose from two curriculum partners, Bottega and Skillstruck, and each offers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content. Bottega also offers an advanced course for those who have already completed Code to Success in past summers.

Already took Coding Foundations?
Want more advanced courses?

Advanced course options and certifications are available. Check out our Jr. High & High School Advance page. Or email us for pricing and structure on these options.