The mission of Code to Success is to bridge the gap between education and industry by launching students into computer science pathways.

Summer Program Dates: June 14th - July 23rd, 2021


Code to Success is the premiere program for students in Jr. High and High School looking to explore computer science. Today's digital economy requires technical understanding and knowledge for every industry with skills that include coding and web development principles. Code to Success has partnered with best-in- class curriculum partners to introduce industry skills in the classroom and online. Curriculum options include: Web development, Full Stack Development, Cyber Security, Automation Engineering, and Amazon Web Services.

Providing a jumpstart towards
a future of possibilities

You'll learn many hands-on skills and get a chance to network


is the discipline involved in developing or "coding" a website on the world wide web or within an intranet (internal network). Web development includes a range of developing a simple static page of text to complex Webbased Internet applications.


is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. The on-demand availability of system resources especially data storage (cloud storage) without direct active management by the user.


is the practice of safely securing computers, servers, mobile devices, data, electronic systems, and networks from known and unknown attacks. It includes the discipline of protecting information through ethical measures and provides a clear procedure for online operations.


7th to 12th Grade
Coding Program

Code to Success is available to 7th-12th grade students; a free, summer On-Campus program or an Online Program that can be accessed anytime. Choose the program that works best for your schedule.

Both programs have access to three curriculum providers: Bottega, Skillstruck, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Students can choose between four courses that focus on web and application development as well as AWS Cloud Foundations for the 2021 summer.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and
Alumni Coding Program

Code to Success has partnered with many Utah colleges and universities to provide a Coding Foundations course to undergraduates, graduates, and alumni.

No previous coding experience is required, and we encourage all majors and fields of study to participate in Coding Foundations.

Teacher Endorsement

In partnership with Bottega, we have helped facilitate over 200 teachers in their computer science journey. As we move forward, Code to Success will take a greater role in the delivery and education by providing a certified teacher of record and extend available vouchers to our teachers and school districts. Teachers are expected to provide their cactus number for registration as well as pass the certified tests through the American Council on Education (ACE) to receive their transcripts and CS endorsements.

Code to Success offers our teachers Coding Foundations course for only $99!

Communit Business and
Organization Involvement

Our foundation and Code to Success programs would not be as effective as they are without involvement from local business, organizations, and nonpro!ts. Providing computer science opportunities for students is a collaborative initiative. We welcome community and industry involvement through volunteerism, mentors, guest speakers, and monetary donations. If you are interested in starting your own Code to Success cohort for your organization, please email to get the process started.